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      Thank you for a long time concern support for Keqiao Textile Expo! 2020 Keqiao Textile Expo(autumn),Shaoxing China will be held in China Textile City International Convention & Exhibition Center. .
      Exhibitors in this fair
      Opening Time
      9:00-17:00, October 27-29, 2020
      Exhibiting Time
      October 27-29, 2020
      Opening Hours
      9:00-17:00, October 27, 2020
      9:00-17:00, October 28, 2020
      9:00-13:00, October 29, 2020
      As VIP visitor, you will getexhibitor list free.
      If Pre-registration online, please print the confirmation letter confirmtaion E-mail,then you can enter the hall with it directly you can go to the foreground “Pre-registration” to get entrance card with your business card. If you don’t Pre – regist
      Application Deadline:Oct.26.2020 Hotline:+86-575-85520065/81103286

      14 days

      to Keqiao Expo

      • Time:
        October 27-29, 2020
      • Venue:
        China Textile City International Convention & Exhibition Center
      • Profile:
        Textile Fabrics, Textile Machinery, Textile Accessories Raw Materials, Home Textiles, Creative Design
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