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      Preferential policies for pre-registration :
      Applying before April.20,2020 together with Online Pre-registration, the overseas purchasers will enjoy free accommodation for 2 nights and businessmen from apparel enterprises (located outside Zhejiang Province in China) will enjoy free accommodation for 1 night after being approved and confirmed by China Textile City Exhibition & Convention Co., Ltd, if purchasers would be ready for sharing the room.
      2020 Keqiao Textile Expo Spring, Shaoxing China(*Required)
       Job Title*
       Company name*
      (Please detail, not less than 12 characters)
       Phone* -
      Fill used effective mail and will be sent to your confirmation email!

      1.Business Nature of Company**
      Wholesaler Fabrics-Importer & Exporter Company Manufacture
      Department Store Chain Supermarkets Agent
      Network Store Retailer Others

      New Products Ordering Products Buying Products
      Business Development Seeking Cooperation Opportunities Learning the Industry
      Soliciting for Dealership Others

      3.Interested Products**
      Fabrics-cotton Fabrics-wool Fabrics-silk
      Fabrics-linen/ramie Fabrics-polyester Fabrics-knitted
      Fabrics-functional Accessories Fabrics-lace and embroidery
      Fabrics/Yams Textile Machinery Embroidery Machinery
      Needlework Machinery Others  

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