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      Textile Expo News
      Focus of the world again! 2019 Keqiao Textile Expo opens today

      Publish Time:2019-09-28

      In September, Keqiao became a beautiful focus in the global textile industry. On the morning of September 28, the three-day 2019 Keqiao Textile Expo was held in hall 1 of the newly established Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 500 textile trade exhibitors brought 450000 fashionable fabrics to the fair.

      After 21 years of development, relying on the advantages of Shaoxing textile industry and China textile city agglomeration, Keqiao Textile Expo has been known as one of the three famous fabric exhibitions in China, together with Intertextile Shanghai apparel fabrics and Canton Fair fabric exhibition. Nowadays, international, fashion, green and high-end are the main theme of the Expo.

      New exhibition hall, new atmosphere, new journey. Many enterprises participating in the exhibition regard the Expo as an excellent platform for new product release, customer maintenance, market development, brand building and the latest industry information.

      With the deepening of The Belt and Road Initiative, more and more merchants from other countries come to China to purchase. Hassan from Algeria is already a regular visitor to the Textile Fair. "In the past four years, Keqiao Textile Expo has become more and more international, which is very good." Hassan thumbs up while he's talking. "My father came to Keqiao in 1996. This year, I came to Keqiao after attending Shanghai fabric exhibition." Aimin, also from Algeria, said with a smile, "although it's the first time I've come here, the fabric here is so many and fashionable that I like it very much."

      On the basis of the organic combination of the previous Textile Expo and Keqiao Fashion week, this year's new exhibition hall also includes 2020 fashion innovation design exhibition and international textile trade service exhibition. The integration and interaction of these activities will comprehensively show Keqiao new image of the city, promote Keqiao textile industry to continuously improve its voice and international influence.

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