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      Introduction of Shaoxing

      Regional Overview

      Shaoxing Countyis located in the south of Yangze River Delta, about 25 kilometers away fromHangzhou XiaoshanInternational Airporton the west, 120 kilometers away fromNingboBeilun Porton the east and 220 kilometers away fromShanghai on the north. With an area of 1,177 sq.km ., the whole county consists of 15 towns and 4 residential districts under its command with the population of 725800 registered permanent residents and 876000 immigrated population. The County seat is Keqiao.

      The Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo railway links the east to the west and the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo and Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou freeway meet here and go through the county. Flat and extensive roads of high grade are available within its range. The container combining transport market is well-developed. There are more than 100 combining transport lines from Keqiao to everywhere around the county.EastZhejiang Canalgoes through the county, and it reachesNingboPort on the east and links to the Great Beijing –HanghzouCanal
      on the west. The freshwater navigation is well-developed.

      History and Culture

      Belonging to Hemudu cultural circle, Shaoxing is the origin of Chinese civilization since primitive tribe times.Shaoxing County is also one of the first batch of national 24 famous historic and cultural cities, known as “South China Pearl”, “Silk Capital”, “Culture Hometown”, “Region of Rivers and Lakes”, “Bridge Capital”, “Wine Land”, “County of Shaoxing Opera”, “Home of Celebrities” and “Textile Capital”. Shaoxing has been recognized as one of the political, economic, and cultural centers in Southern Chinasince Qin & Han dynasties (221 BC-220) to the Ming & Qing Dynasties (1368-1911) with a galaxy of talents.
      Economic Feature

      Shaoxing County is the coastal region with open economy, also is one of the most active areas of Chinese private economy and market economy. It has been in the Top Ten Strongest County for several years. It has formed the economic pattern with the industry as the main body and business, tourism, building, real estate, and agriculture developing in harmony. There are 14 listed enterprises in the whole county. It realized GDP RMB100.877billion Yuan and per capita GDP RMB138700 Yuan in 2012.

      Shaoxing County is one of the industrial groups with the largest production capacity inChina with nearly 10,000 textile enterprises of all kinds. Over 3 million tons of various kinds of chemical fiber, 19 billion meters of printing & dyeing cloth and nearly 300 million pieces /sets of costume are produced here, generating an annual export of textile fabrics of nearly USD 9 billion. The aggregate economic volume ofShaoxing
      Countytextile industry accounts for 10% of national total amount, it has basically formed a complete industry chain from PTA, chemical fiber, to polyester fabrics, dyeing & printing, costume and home textile. Therefore, strong textile production capacity has great impact on Chinese textile industry.

      Textile industry of ShaoxingCounty has been walking toward the modern industry colony of “ Technology Innovation, Sustainable Development, Reasonable and Defined Industry System” at present .

      Advantageous industry such as equipment manufacture, auto accessory, rubber, new building materials and metalwork will be strived to developed in line with the textile industry upgrading and transformation. New emerging and Strategic industry such as new energy, biological
      and medical industry and house industrialization
      are also actively fostered.

      With the target of “leading economic powerful county, transformation and upgrading demonstrative base, happy waterfront town suitable for living and work, modern and open charming new city”, it actively copes with the complicated and changeable micro environment, the county economy maintains a sound momentum of fast yet steady economic growth.

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