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      Notes to Buyers


      2020 Keqiao Textile Expo (Spring), Shaoxing China


      June 11-13, 2020


      China Textile City International Convention & Exhibition Center, Keqiao, Zhejiang, China

      Items for Display

      Fabrics, Home Textiles, Yarns, Accessories, Textile Raw Materials,Creative Design,etc

      History of the Expo

      The first China Textile Expo which was then named ”China Textile City Textile Expo” was held in 1999.

      In 2004, the Expo was officially renamed as ”China (Shaoxing) Textile Expo”.

      In 2006, China (Shaoxing) Textile Expo was listed as a key supporting exhibition in domestic trade by the Ministry of Commerce.

      In 2007, Keqiao Textile Index of China was released successfully to the whole world in virtue of the platform, China Textile Expo.

      In April 2008, Shaoxing County launched China (Keqiao) Textile Expo (Spring) for the first time on the basis of the successful operation of previous exhibitions, and it began to hold China (Keqiao) Textile Expo twice (Spring, Autumn) a year.

      In October 2008, China Textile Expo was officially promoted as a state-level textile exhibition. Meanwhile, the Expo was officially renamed as ”China Keqiao International Textile Expo”. Keqiao, the county, seat, has become the only county that holds textile exhibition at state-level in China. China International Fabrics Creative Competition was first held during the Expo.

      During the Expo 2009, China International Fashion Designers Creative Design Competition was first held.

      In 2013, Printing Industry Zone was added in spring fair. And China International Fabrics Creation Competition and China International Fashion Creative Design Competition were both titled "China Textile City" Cup.

      China Keqiao International Textile Expo 2013 is held in China Textile City International Convention & Exhibition Center during October 25-28, 2013. It covers an exhibition area of 34,000 square meters with 1,423 standard booths from 643 exhibitors. The number of registered professional purchasers reached 31,000 among which over 6,900 were overseas professional purchasers. The trade volume of the Expo reached RMB 6.338 billion.

      In 2018,Keqiao Textile Expo (Spring) covered an exhibition area of 34000 square meters with 1392 standard booths from 540 exhibitors.The number of registered professional purchasers reached 48015 among which 7525 were overseas professional purchasers.

      2019 Keqiao Textile Expo (Autumn) moved to the new venue,Shaoxing International Convention & Exhibition Center and it covered an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, with over 1400 standard booths from more than 500 exhibitors.Meanwhile,2019 World Textile Merchandising Conference,2019 Keqiao Fashion Week and the first international Textile Trade Service Exhibition were conducted as well.

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